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Join Our End 2019 Strong Transformation Challenge For Your Chance To WIN 㱰00

This season, we are on a serious mission to keep our customer motivated to smashing their goals so that they look and feel amazing and end 2019 strong and step into the new decade as a brand new you!

Picture this – fast forward to December 2019; You are wearing jeans or that sparkly Christmas dress a few sizes smaller and you just got £1000 cash deposited into your bank just in time for Christmas! BOOM!

Sounds good? Well that IS going to happen to one of our customers this December andwhy should it not be you? 

Following on from the amazing success of our Spring and Summer Transformation Challenges, we have just launched an incredible challenge to help ALL our customers create a WOW transformation and end 2019 STRONG!

You have 13 weeks to create your best transformation and the opportunity to win that £1k cash prize.

This could just be what you need to give yourself that extra oomph to get you head in the game and end 2019 the way you’ve always dreamed: feeling fit and looking fabulous in that festive little black dress.

If you give the next 12 weeks, seriously amazing things can be achieved…

Say hello to enjoying that Christmas party as the belle of the ball Say hello as that zip on your favourite party dress goes up with ease Say hello to a brand new wardrobe in 3 or even 4 dress sizes smaller* Say hello to lots of family photos

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